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Automatic roulette systems

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. There is no casino where roulette is not offered, and in many occasions the word roulette is instantly associated with Casinos.
New technologies provide the opportunity to translate the classical roulette game into an electronically automated system, which brings a range of advantages and facilities both to casino operators and the players.

The automatic roulette is sophisticated and captures the excitement of the traditional game from the player's viewpoint enhanced by multiple betting options. Yet, importantly from the Casinos view point, it permits greatly reduced operating costs, increased reliability, continuous high-speed play, added security features and full-featured "real time" management control.
Mega Electronics offers 2 Automatic Roulette systems from Casino Tehcnology: CASINO KING - fully automated electronic roulette system appropriate for gaming arcades and electronic casinos and CASINO PRINCE - automatic system for electronic placement of bets and semi-automatic real roulette wheel operated by dealer.