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Belgrade before Las Vegas
Gemini and QCM Columbus Treasure shown first to Belgrade audience and then continued their way of success straight to Las Vegas.

Despite only being a year old, Mega Electronics organized a special company presentation on Wednesday 18th October 2006 at the Hyatt Hotel in Belgrade. As the only authorized dealer and service center for Casino Technology and Japan Cash Machine products, Mega Electronics had much to be proud of. Most of the casino business and slot operators’ representatives were present. In support of the hosts, representatives of both Casino Technology and Japan Cash Machine attended. Mr. Milo Borissov, founder and president of the international company Casino Technology, commenced proceedings by welcoming the guests and acquainting them with the history of his company, and the astonishing growth which it has seen in the last year and a half. Casino Technology was incorporated in 1999 and today has a worldwide network of 18 offices, including recently-opened offices in Kenya, Africa and Peru, South America.

In turn, Mega Electronics presented Gemini, the slot machine which would make any owner feel proud. Gemini features a dual monitor and is luxurious, providing maximum player comfort. Gemini has just entered the Serbian market with only six of these exquisite machines. Each is in a package with a unique, newly released game, such as the latest multi-game Gamopolis, Silk Quest, Golden Elephant, Gold of Babylon 3 and Milady. Mr. Nebojsa Jelic, General Manager of Mega Electronics, presented the basic characteristics and features of Gemini machines, the mathematics of the new games and the concept of volatility. In the second part of the presentation, guests were welcomed by Mr. Bepi Mottes, a vice-president of Japan Cash Machine (JCM). Mr. Mottes highlighted the main advantages of JCM’s products. JCM has been one of the largest bill acceptor suppliers worldwide for over twenty years. During this time, their security mechanism, validation and stackers have been perfected and enhanced. That is why today we have the highest technology, quality and security. JCM’s bill acceptors require only regular cleaning, have little downtime and represent maximum safety in banknote handling. Mr. Ivan Stamenkovic, Technical Manager of Mega Electronics, presented JCM’s program in detail.

The third part of the presentation dealt with innovative systems in casino business - multi-level mystery jackpot Quatro Cash Mania and ACE cashless systems for casino management and player tracking. The had its world premiere at this event. ACE systems have also been presented as an opportunity to introduce simple casino management, a players’ database and other enhancements for operators.

The presentation was followed by a cocktail party. At the party, Mr. Milo Borissov made awards to two companies: Jugopot received three free system upgrades, while Beoimpera received one Gemini machine in a package with Gamopolis - the latest multi-game with four classical video slots and one poker game.

The latest multi-game GAMOPOLIS from the large product range by CASINO TECHNOLOGY available soon on our market
This attractive product includes four original video slots: Happy Kingdom, Purple Hot, Pure Hot and Multi Hot. These games feature classical slot design and options for higher bets and bigger wins. The base version of the product is developed in several versions, with different gaming options and video games featured according to specific market trends in the different territories.Along with dual screen Gemini, GAMOPOLIS makes a perfect platform for displaying the innovative games software, presenting vivid colours, catchy symbols and high-quality stereo sound. The second video screen option makes the games more interactive and appealing, showing the current pay table in a user-friendly manner.