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What makes a product a bestseller?
There is no one clear answer to that. But, certainly, qualities like reliability, functionality and attractive design are important characteristics for a good product. In the casino industry, though, those alone do not suffice to make a product a success. In this business the gaming machine needs to grab and rivet the customer's attention; to create a special appeal in order to keep the customers playing.

The key to a successful product in the casino industry is in the game design - from the concept and creation of the mathematical and statistical model to the development of bright and eye-catching graphics, and unique and memorable sound effects.

In this section you will find detailed descriptions of the products on offer as well as announcements of the latest creations from the Casino Technology .

In addition to approximately thirty games you may find information on six types of machines as well as two types of automatic roulettes, jackpot systems, kits and custom design.

Mega Electronics ensures certificates from the Bureau for Measures and Precious Metals for every product. The uniqueness of the products and their performance reliability is guaranteed. All gaming machines offered are in strict compliance with the requirements for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and are in accordance with the EC technological standards.